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What Insect Species Is The Bed Bug?

As more and more government agencies join the Michigan bed bug public awareness campaign, it goes to question how anyone could deny encountering at least one ad. Every time you turn on the television or open social media, what do you see? Nothing other than a bed bug ad. While there is nothing wrong with such a powerful campaign, the public may begin to view it as being too much. What happens then? Time will tell, but in the meantime, Livonia residents need to be aware of the resurgence of bed bugs in Michigan and other US states.

Why Was My Home Invaded By Bed Bugs?

The bed bug “Cimex lectularius” is what scientists have deemed an “ectoparasite.” The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes the ectoparasite as “a parasite, such as a flea, that lives on the outside of its host.” Take for example the bed bug, which is nothing more than a parasitic organism that feeds on human and animal blood, with the former being the more preferred. The most noticeable identifying trait of the bed bug is its shape, which replicates that of an apple seed. The adult grows up to 3/16” long, with a normally flat abdomen that expands once engorged with blood.

There are many reasons why your home became a bed bug target. But, before you can understand why it was targeted, you need to understand how these insects work. The bed bug is a “social insect” that does not live alone but in colonies. Every now and then, an adult bed bug will decide to set out on its own to form a new colony. When the decision to leave the colony becomes apparent, the bed bug will start looking for a passerby – more often a human than animal. The time has finally come when an unsuspecting individual walks by, the bed bug hops inside an overnight bag, and off it goes. Where does not matter, a new host and a new home are all that matter. Once inside the new home, the bed bug will start making its way to the host’s sleeping quarters. It does not take long before the bed bug has a cozy hiding place in close proximity to its new host.

Do Bed Bugs Carry Diseases?

American scientists have never been successful in connecting the bed bug to a specific disease, virus, or parasite. In fact, there is enough evidence to safely say bed bugs pose no health risk to humans or animals. As far as the bed bug bite goes, there is some risk of an allergic reaction, which is nothing more than an immune response to a numbing secretion. To avoid detection, the bed bug secretes a substance that is injected into the host’s skin through a feeding tube. Once the secretion is injected, the bed bug will begin to feed on the host’s blood.

What Steps Should I Take To Eradicate A Bed Bug Infestation Quickly And Safely?

Bed bug infestations vary in severity depending on the size of its colony and the level of devastation left in its path. Mild infestations can sometimes be eliminated with a baseline over-the-counter pesticide, thorough cleaning, time, and patience. However, if you feel a speedy eradication is necessary, you will need to turn to the experts. Who are the experts, us, of course? We employ several teams of licensed exterminators and certified bed bug technicians who work together to develop the best course of action for each of our clients. What most people are not aware of is no bed bug cases are exactly the same. While they do share some of the same features, they are very much different.

We tackle each bed bug infestation with courage, dedication, and optimism. We have helped hundreds of Michigan residents and businesses regain control of their homes after a bed bug infestation. The best course of action for tackling a bed bug problem includes the following:

Manual Bed Bug Pest Control

  • Most efficient across the industry – pesticide treatment rendered immediately following a bed bug infestation inspection.
  • Client responsibility – develops a pre-treatment cleaning schedule to help prepare the exterminator’s arrival.
  • Chemical-based and organic pesticides – the client has the option of chemical-based or organic (no chemical) pesticides.

Thermal Heat Pest Control

  • Most effective across the industry – eradicates bed bugs in all life cycle phases with only 15 minutes of exposure to temperatures over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Client responsibility – develops a pre-treatment cleaning schedule to ensure the speediest results.
  • Eco-friendly pest control – combines heat and a natural-occurring substance “diatomaceous earth” to eradicate bed bugs within 15 minutes of exposure.

Fumigation Pest Control

  • Most reliable across the industry – supports all bed bug infestations – mild, moderate, and severe.
  • Client responsibility – develops and implements a cleaning strategy to prepare the infested area for the next step of the fumigation pest control process.
  • Chemical-based fumigant – treatment utilizes “Vikane,” a gaseous chemical and spraying equipment to deliver reliable pest control results.

DIY (Over-The-Counter) Pest Control Products An Option Or Pipe Dream?

The complexity of bed bug infestations increases alongside the colony. Once the colony reaches a moderate level, DIY pest control will no longer be on the table. This option is more suitable for early phase bed bug infestation. Mild infestations generally begin within a few weeks or months of the initial bed bug infiltration. Unfortunately, bed bugs have nocturnal behavior that permits them to avoid human detection for much longer than some other insect species. The parasite feeds at night while its host is asleep. To continue the cycle, the bed bug utilizes saliva to numb the victim’s skin before each feeding.

It is best to avoid DIY chemical solutions because they could be dangerous. Work with a qualified pest exterminator instead.

Do Pest Control Pesticides, Fumigators, And Thermal Heat Pose Environmental Risks?

All chemical-based pest control applicants may pose some health and environmental risks. If you are concerned about the chemicals utilized in the aforementioned pest control applications, you should contact our Livonia office to speak with a pest control expert. Chemicals utilized in pest management stir concern in many of our customers, which is why we always keep a door open for communication before, during, and after treatment.

Is Bed Bug Pest Management Service Expensive?

It doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, we believe our customized pest management applications can help Livonia residents save money when facing bed bug infestations. Consumers do not go out looking for ways to spend money. Instead, the bed bugs come to their homes uninvited. Regardless, you must be prepared by putting a little money aside for an emergency fund. We will customize a bed bug extermination strategy specific to your budget, whether it is extensive or limited.

What Type Of Prevention Works After An Initial Bed Bug Infiltration?

The prevention will depend on several factors – circumstance, budget, schedule, and determination. It is a fact, pest control prevention solutions only work when every member of the household is on board. To ensure every household member is willing to participate in the prevention process, a meeting with the impacted home’s occupants is in order. We can work together to develop, implement, and maintain a pest-free home for eternity.

How Long Will It Take To Process My Bed Bug Inspection Request?

Generally it takes between 24 and 48 hours to fulfill a pest control service request. Your request will be processed immediately after submission, at which time you will be notified via landline, cellphone, or email.

If you have any other pest control issues please check out other services.

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