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What To Know About Beetles

Most people know what beetles are, but few understand them and their behavior. The beetle insect is equipped with two sets of wings. It can provide numerous benefits to the environment, but it creates problems for the environment as well. Beetles can’t see very well so they may stumble into your home by accident. Americans may encounter several thousand species of beetles that belong to the same order. Each species is different sizes and colors. In our service area, our residents are often forced to contend with ground beetles, longhorn beetles, and powder post beetles.

Why Is My Home Full Of Beetles?

You’ve found beetles in your home and you’re wondering why they’re there. Well, it likely has something to do with the conditions outside. Your backyard might be full of firewood, old wood, and leaf piles. Beetles are attracted to these things as well as the light coming from your doors and windows.

Should I Worry About My Health When Dealing With Beetles?

Beetles aren’t frightening pests because they won’t attack you. They’re not going to bite you so you don’t have to worry about that. Nevertheless, they can create other problems, including damaging your property. Plus, they’re a nuisance so getting rid of them quickly is best. Powder post beetles and many other species will damage wooden structures and objects.

What Can I Do To Get Rid Of Beetles?

Eradicating the beetles on your property isn’t easy, but it needs to happen. Working with us is the most efficient way to eliminate the beetles in your home. Our exterminators can get rid of your beetles swiftly so be sure to call us.

Could I Eliminate Beetles Myself?

Ordinary consumers may be able to eradicate beetles on their own if they’re careful and use the right DIY treatments. However, many DIY products do not work. You may overspend looking for a product that works for your home. You’ve likely heard that these chemicals can be dangerous to humans, pets, and plants. Well, they can be. Misuse or mix them incorrectly and you may get sick. Hiring a professional is more reliable and safer

When Can The Extermination Begin?

Our exterminators are waiting for your phone call. After your call, you should hear back from us in 24 to 48 hours.

Are Your Beetle Treatments Safe?

Choose us to ensure that your loved ones will be safe. We use EPA-registered products because we know they’re harmless to people, plants, and pets. As a parent and pet owner, using our services is a no-brainer. Our exterminators will follow our gold-star protocols to ensure they can protect your family.

How Much Does Beetle Extermination Cost?

Our company often offers standard pricing for its extermination services. When we can use the standard number of services, we’ll charge a price depending on the size of your home. Our exterminator will tell you the price beforehand so you can determine if we’re right for you.

Preventing Beetle Infestations

Stopping beetles from entering your home might be impossible. Still, you can reduce the risks by cleaning up your yard and sealing all gaps in exterior walls.

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