Box Elder Bugs

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What Are Box Elder Bugs?

Box elder bugs are small insects that feed on various tree species – maple, cheery, ash, and box elder. The box elder bug has one unique feature that stands out among other insect species. The black wings are outlined in red, making them extremely easy to identify.

Why Is My Home Infested With Box Elder Bugs?

The box elder bug species is an overwintering pest, which means they hibernate throughout the winter. Like many other insect species, the box elder bug preys on vulnerable homes beginning in late summer and early fall, when sightings are at their highest throughout the year. Just the tiniest exterior-to-interior opening is all required for the box elder bug to gain access to the indoors. This insect species, like many others, prefer mild to moderate climates.

Is The Box Elder Bug A Disease-Carrying Pest?

This is a very good question that will help you determine the severity of your box elder bug problem. No, there is no available evidence to back up this theory. In fact, most scientists will agree that the box elder bug is a nuisance pest, posing little to no threat to humans or animals.

Is It Possible To Eradicate A Full-Blown Box Elder Bug Infestation In My Home?

Sure, with the right insecticide, knowledge, time, patience, and manpower it is possible to regain control of your property. Many homeowners and tenants feel their pest infestations have taken control of their lives. This is especially true in severe cases where the insect population is out of control. Yes, the box elder bug population can get out of control when the person responsible does not intervene in the early phases of the infestation.

Are Over-The-Counter Insecticides Enough To Wipe Out A Large Box Elder Bug Colony?

Unfortunately, the answer is negative. Box elder bug colonies can grow into the hundreds and thousands of insects, creating major issues for everyone involved. If you detect a few of these insects in your home, it should be noted that a larger group of the colony is in the nearby vicinity. It is not unusual for large colonies of box elder bugs to get split up before overwintering. While the entire colony may try to invade a single home, only a few will succeed, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Eradicating a large colony will require depopulation, which cannot be done with standard over-the-counter insecticides or pesticides.

When Will You Dispatch A Box Elder Bug Technician Out To My Property?

To request a box elder bug consultation or inspection, you will need to contact our customer service department. A customer support representative will take your information and schedule you for the next available appointment. If this does not fit your schedule, we will arrange a visit at your earliest convenience within 24 to 48 hours following the initial pest control service request.

What Is Needed To Prevent Future Infestations After The Initial Box Elder Bug Infiltration?

If your life has been put on hold because you are dealing with a box elder bug infestation, it is reasonable to be concerned about the future of your property. The good news, box elder bugs do not intend to remain in your home forever, like cockroaches, fleas, and bed bugs. This insect species invades buildings just to avoid the harsh winter months in the outdoors. Once the temperature begins to warm up and the forecast does not call for more snow, sleet, or frost, the box elder bug will take its leave without extermination intervention. With this said, most owners and tenants refuse to allow the box elder bug the pleasure of remaining in their home for months, a single day for that matter. Remember, we are only a phone call away from regaining control of your home.

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