Detroit MI Best Landmarks

Detroit is one of the most remarkable cities in the United States. The city is the largest in Michigan and is home to nearly 700,000 people. The city has played an important role in America’s history since it was the birthplace of Motown Records. In addition to this, the city was important for the famous artist Diego Rivera. When you visit the city, you’ll be able to see some of Rivera’s best works. In this guide, readers will learn more about some of the top landmarks in Detroit, Michigan.

Detroit Institute Of Arts

First and foremost, you’ll want to take your family to the Detroit Institute of Arts. The large museum is one of the best destinations for art lovers since it is home to many works from around the world. The facility is located on Woodward Avenue so it isn’t far from the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant. The 658,000-square-foot museum has more than 100 galleries. The Institute was established in 1885 so it is historical in its own right. The facility has pieces from many American artists, including Leon Dabo, Alexander Calder, John James Audubon, and George Bellows.

Belle Isle Park

If you want to have a blast with your loved ones, you’ll want to visit Belle Isle Park because it offers a lot of fun activities. For instance, you can play at the Belle Isle Casino. In addition to this, the park offers paddle boarding and kayaking. The park has three lakes and 150 acres of woods. When visiting the park, you’ll get to see spectacular views of the Windsor skyline and the Detroit skyline. You’ll also find food vendors. You may need a recreation passport to enter the facility. Either way, you’ll enjoy your time visiting this amazing park.

Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Henry Ford was one of America’s most important inventors and businessmen. If you want to learn more about Henry Ford, visit the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation. The facility is located on Oakwood Boulevard. The museum has a lot about Henry Ford as well as the Death Mask of Nikola Tesla. The museum has a collection of aircraft, automobiles, pop culture items, and locomotives. If this type of thing interests you, visit this museum.

Motown Museum – Hitsville USA

The Motown Museum at 2648 W. Grand Boulevard in Detroit celebrates Detroit’s Motown history. Visitors have the option of a leisure or guided tour by appointment only. The museum was established by Esther Gordy Edwards in 1985. Edwards served as vice president of Motown Records before moving up to executive. Before her death on August 24, 2011, at 91 years young, Ester founded Motown Museum in Detroit. You’ll love visiting this facility with your family members and you’ll learn a lot about the history of music.