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What Are The Earwig Species?

Earwigs are a group of insect species that belong to the Dermaptera order. Their unique characteristics – six tiny legs, two antennas, and a long, thin body with strange appendages called “cerci” is how exterminators identify the earwig. The insect has up to six legs, two antennas, and a body that measures about one-third of an inch in length. The cerci are utilized to fight off predators, feeding, and other purposes. What makes the cerci so unique is their location, curvature, and flexibility. While on the small side, cerci are the exterminator’s best asset for identification purposes. The earwig’s length ranges between ¼” to 1” with the cerci being one-third of the accurate measurement. Some earwigs are dark brown while others are reddish/brown. Most earwig species are small in size with one exception, the Saint Helena Giant that measures up to 3 inches in length. Scientists claim they have successfully identified 900 Dermaptera species, most of which are living in mild to moderate climates. An old tale claims the earwig species has a history of accessing a human brain through an ear canal. Once inside the brain, the insect deposited a few eggs.

Why Are Earwigs Infesting My Property?

Several factors determine if a property is in danger of an earwig infestation. These factors include location, climate, accessibility, and resources. Firstly, if your property just happens to be in a Livonia community where it is accessible to a colony of earwigs, it will become a target. However, these insects will not target homes that are not accessible from the exterior to the interior. In these cases, the earwig colony will only get so far as the perimeter of the property, not the interior. Many of Livonia’s long-time residents like to keep their garage doors and windows open in the late summer and early fall when the weather is tolerable. What these individuals do not know is they are providing members of the nearby earwig colony an invitation into their homes. Sounds a bit off, but this could not be further from the truth. Once inside the home, the earwig will begin to make its way around, searching for a suitable location to hang out for the winter. If you have indoor potted plants, you can almost guarantee they will be in danger. The earwig diet is comprised of smaller insects (fleas and dust mites), plant leaves, processed food, and aphids. The insect utilizes its cerci to tear bits and pieces from plant leaves, stems, and flowers. In other words, the damage will be very noticeable.

Should I Be Concerned About My Children’s Health During An Earwig Infestation?

Earwig sightings are reported throughout the City of Livonia beginning in the late fall each year. While many of these sightings turn out to be harmless, a few will end in disaster for the impacted property owners. The earwig species is not a disease-carrying insect, ruling out any health risk you may be concerned about. If you have some concerns, it should be directed toward your indoor potted plants, which will definitely be preyed upon by the earwig(s). If your processed foods are not stored in sealed containers, you can guarantee they will be on the earwigs’ radar as well.

On a good note, earwigs have not been factually determined to be a disease- or parasite-carrying insect species.

What Is Needed To Eradicate A Full-Blown Earwig Infestation?

Earwig infestations are rare to middling, which means they are rarely reported in the City Livonia, the entire State of Michigan, for that matter. If you are a Livonia resident, earwig infestations may be a problem as long as you take advantage of our pest control management. On the other hand, you have your property and family to protect, in the event your home becomes an earwig target. The best defense against earwig infestations is professional pest control insecticides. These products are significantly more powerful than the big-box store alternative. With our professional pest management and your assistance, anything is possible. Until then, you will need to create a barrier between your home and the earwig. The first step of the process is to transition from outdoor white mercury vapor lighting to sodium vapor yellow lighting, as a form of earwig deterrence. We also suggest sealing all exterior-to-interior openings that can be utilized by earwigs to gain access to your home

When Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home To Conduct The Visual Earwig Inspection?

Once your initial earwig consultation is submitted to our Livonia office, one of our customer support members will begin processing it. From here, it should not take longer than 24 to 48 hours to dispatch an exterminator out to your property.

Do Earwig Pesticides Pose Environmental Or Health Risks?

Yes and no, it depends on the exterminator or extermination company, the type of pesticide, and whether or not, the pesticide is EPA-approved. Exterminators are required by law to follow a set of regulations and laws written by the government, in an effort to protect US citizens, wildlife, and the environment from harmful pesticide chemical exposure. You can count on us to protect the environment before, during, and after each pesticide treatment. Our EPA-approved earwig treatments have been tested and retested for purity, effectiveness, and environmental safety. Going one step further, we politely request the client to vacate the home several hours before treatment is administered.

How Is Earwig Pest Management Linked To Future Infestation Prevention?

Our earwig pest control offers public awareness, early detection, eradication, and future prevention measures. We have joined forces with Livonia officials to bring awareness to earwig infestation. This is a crucial part of controlling the earwig population throughout the State of Michigan. We also advocate for early detection by encouraging Livonia residents to conduct regular visual inspects of their properties and communities. Our earwig eradication measures meet or exceed the EPA guidelines and regulations. Now, as far as prevention goes, it is a joint effort, to be effective everyone must be on board. It is definitely possible to protect your property from earwigs, hear on out. Call us today to learn more!

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