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When it comes to household pests, a bedbug infestation will be one of the toughest nuts to crack. Nevertheless, you’re persistent and won’t let those naughty bedbugs ruin your life. With that being said, you need to work swiftly to find a solution to this unique problem. When working with our skilled exterminators, you can choose from a handful of treatment options, including heat.

We prefer heat because it is more effective than some of the alternative treatments. Nevertheless, it is up to our clients to find out which method works best for them. Below, you’ll delve deeper into the heat treatment procedure.

How We Provide Heat Treatments

Although it may seem complicated, heat treatments are not. The goal is to raise the temperature in your home until the bedbugs are unable to survive. As you’ll learn, bedbugs cannot tolerate extremely hot temperatures. When they’re exposed to these temperatures for a sufficient time, they will perish. Heat is one of the most convenient methods because it can reach the entire home at once.

In addition to this, our exterminator can use heat to deal with bedbugs hiding in deep cracks and holes. The pest control professional will use heat machines to increase the temperature in your home to 140-degrees or higher for a few hours. As a result, the bedbugs will need to escape your home or they’ll die.

Is It The Best Bedbug Treatment?

We argue that heat is the best bedbug treatment for most, but we understand that it is not fool-proof. The problem is that bedbugs are smart and they’ve found a way into your home. They might be able to find a way out of your home too. If they can find small gaps, they’ll use them to escape. Don’t worry. Our exterminators will find out how the bugs are entering and leaving your home. They’ll seal these gaps to ensure that the bugs cannot escape and survive.

As a result, our bedbug treatments are more effective than what you’ll receive elsewhere.

Keeping An Eye On The Temperatures

For the success of our heat treatment, it is pertinent to make sure that our exterminator keeps a close eye on the home’s temperatures. It is essential to guarantee that the temperature remains 140-degrees or higher for two hours or longer. Our exterminators are dependable so they’re going to keep a close eye on the temperatures and ensure that the bugs in your home are eliminated. Some exterminators will act haphazardly so they won’t get it done right, but we will.

Leaving Your Home

Ultimately, our exterminator will ask you to leave your home during the bedbug heat treatment. Although the treatment is safe, it is best to stay outside of the home to avoid potential problems and to let us get it done for you. We recommend staying out of the home for several hours or until we tell you that it is okay to return. Our team will work diligently to fix the problem and we’ll give you a call when we’ve finished.

If you have any questions, call and talk to one of our skilled exterminators. We’ll work with you carefully to ensure you know how the procedure works. We’ll also walk you through the process so you’ll know how the treatment works. Contact us today and take your home back.

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