Mice Rats And Rodents

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More About Rats

Rats and mice are very problematic because they’re dangerous and unhealthy. It is pertinent to get rid of them swiftly because they can make you sick and destroy your home. Although there are various species of rodents, some are more common than others. Some of the most common rat species in the United States include Norway rats and roof rats. Both fit into the commensal category so they’re going to live in your home and eat your food. Norway rats are one of the largest rodents growing up to 9 inches in length. They have a blunt nose, 8-inch tail, and coarse fur.

Their droppings can grow up to three-quarters of an inch. If you have Norway rats in your home, you’ll be able to find rat droppings, rat tracks, and gnaws. Roof rats are slightly smaller since some will reach 8 inches and they have brown fur. Their tails can grow up to 10 inches while their droppings are half an inch.

Are Rodents Dangerous To Humans?

Unfortunately, rodents can be dangerous to humans and pets. They can carry and transmit certain diseases so you have to tackle this problem swiftly. Otherwise, you’re going to expose your loved ones to unnecessary health hazards. Be safe and make sure your home is free of rodents.

Eradicating The Rodents In My Home

Unfortunately, rodents are elusive and this makes this difficult to remove from residential dwellings. They can move swiftly too. You need to hire a pest control professional to tackle this problem. Our company has been dealing with rodent infestations in Livonia for many years and we know how to fix this problem quicker than anyone else.

Can I Remove Rodents From My Home?

You might be able to remove rodents from your home without professional assistance, but the likelihood is slim to none. Rats are difficult to eliminate and you likely don’t want to deal with them on your own. Can you imagine dispose of their bodies? If not,  you shouldn’t try to tackle this problem alone. Hire a professional because we’ll make it quicker and easier. We’ll do the dirty work so you don’t have to.

When Can Your Exterminator Get Here?

Contact our office as quickly as possible because we’re eager to help. We can respond to your call within 48 hours.

Is Your Rodent Treatment Safe?

Yes. We strive to provide our clients with safe treatments. We would never do anything that would expose your loved ones to dangerous chemicals. We force our exterminators to follow steps to keep everyone safe. Furthermore, our EPA-registered products are safe. They’ll take care of the issue without exposing anyone to any dangers. The health risks are eliminated.

Can I Prevent Rodents From Entering My Home?

You might be able to stop rodents from entering your home, but it won’t be easy. Working with us is the only surefire way to fix the problem. We can also give you tips for reducing the likelihood that you’ll experience another rat or mice infestation.

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Mice Rat and Rodents