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Livonia MI Spider Management

Spiders do not need to be dangerous to stir anxiety in some people. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people across the globe have admitted to having spider phobia. This is pretty understandable because spiders have more than a few eerie features – eight scrawny legs, six bulging eyes, sharp fangs, and a segmented body. To some people, a spider encounter is the worst thing ever, others no so much. While it may be difficult to comprehend, there are people who actually like spiders. Why? No one knows why, they just do. Whether you are a spider advocate or arachnophobic, spider encounters happen more often than you may want to believe. Spiders belong to an animal species known as “Aranea.” These arthropods are not what you would consider a good housemate. Scientists have successfully identified over 40,000 spider species, some of which can survive up to 25 years in captivity. Another unique spider feature worth mentioning is its venom, a secretion utilized in defense. Fortunately, not all spider species are venomous. Spider venom is rated utilizing a specialized tool, ranging from mild to extremely powerful.

As researchers continue to study the spider species, people worldwide are reporting sightings to their local exterminators. Spiders have unique web-making capabilities. Spider webs have several main purposes, with the main one being predatory entrapment. The web is utilized to capture insects, birds, lizards, and other small animals. And, if you are not very careful, you will get in one as well.

Do Spiders Transmit Diseases To Humans?

No, which is a good thing. Venom and disease transmission are two concerns, so humans should beware. Fortunately, this is not the case. The venom is enough to do significant damage, such as necrosis (death of tissue), infection, allergic reaction, and last, but not least death. Scientists claim only 1 percent of spiders pose a danger to humans and animals. Spiders can be found indoors and outdoors. Hundreds of spider sightings are reported in Livonia alone. Since most people cannot differentiate between the thousands of spider species, the identity is rarely revealed in the reports.

It is crucial to remain calm during a spider encounter to ensure you capture the identifying characteristics. If you classify yourself as an arachnophobic, we recommend seeking assistance from our Livonia extermination team. If you keep your wits, you may get lucky to remember your cellphone or camera. A selfie with the spider would go a long way in helping our exterminators identify the species.

Why Is My Property Plagued By Spiders?

While it is still unclear if spiders sleep like humans, they do enter a “state of dormancy” from time to time in order to preserve energy. Unlike opportunist insects and rodents, spiders do not intentionally invade spaces occupied by humans. If you detected a spider in your home, the incident was purely coincidental, according to the experts.

What Does Spider Pest Control Entail? When Can I Contact A Licensed Exterminator?

Pest control is a process that helps control the insect, rodents, and arthropods worldwide. Exterminators are the brains behind professional-grade pest management. These experts are experienced in spider identification, treatment, and extermination. The spider species is a mixture of social and anti-social arthropods. Basically, this means if a spider was detected in your home, there may or may not be a larger colony in the nearby vicinity. The only way to make this determination is through spider identification, which is based on physical characteristics. While you are waiting to have the spiders identified by our experts, we recommend a visual inspection utilizing a flashlight and/or magnifying glasses.

Spiders can be found outdoors in piles of firewood, yard debris, and trash. A successful pest control agenda will depend on how willing you are to participate in the process. We suggest joining forces with our extermination team to develop a spider pest control strategy that will not only eradicate the spiders but also prevent future infestations. Feel free to contact our Livonia office to speak with a spider expert at your earliest convenience.

What Type Of Chemicals Are Found In Anti-Spider Baits?

Livonia exterminators are armed with the best spider defense, which is no other than pesticides. Our spider arsenal is comprised of organic, chemical-based, and environmental-friendly spider control products, all of which have undergone extensive third-party testing to determine potency, purity, and effectiveness. EPA-approved spider pesticides have been deemed “safe” when administered, stored, transported, and handled per the manufacturer’s recommendations. The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has joined forces with local exterminators to bring awareness to potential pesticide dangers.

When Will The Exterminator Be Able To Inspect My Home For Spiders?

Fill out your pest control request and submit it to our local Livonia office for processing. Once your request is processed, one of our customer support team members will notify you to schedule an appointment for a visual spider inspection at your early convenience. The process generally takes between 24 and 48 hours to complete.

What Tools Do I Need To Protect My Home From Spiders In The Future?

The only spider deterrence you need is one of our pest control management solutions. We customize a spider prevention strategy for each of our clients following a spider-free inspection. Our spider management includes routine visual inspections, removal of all exterior-to-interior access points, and education. Once your home is deemed “pest-free” by our exterminators, we will begin developing a spider control plan specific for your home. We can strongly recommend client and family involvement in this pest management solution. The more people involved, the better the outcome.

Brown Recluse Sightings In Michigan – What About Them?

Brown recluse sightings are rare in Michigan. This spider species has established itself in 16 US states – Ohio, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Alabama, Indiana, Kansas, Iowa, Georgia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri. Several Great Lakes residents claimed to have detected brown recluse spiders in their community in 2018. A reward was posted but no one came forward. The spider species is still unclear. A few spider tips include the following:

  • No sightings have been confirmed in Livonia, Michigan
  • Rumors have it, the brown recluse spider travels from place to place in shipping boxes
  • The perfect environment is needed for brown recluse spider survival
  • No outside brown recluse sightings have been confirmed
  • Most impacted homes reportedly had pets and/or children, but no bites were reported
  • Their shyness deter them from biting humans and animals
  • Infestations have never spread to nearby homes or communities
  • Treatment options are limited to pesticides, traps, and other pest control products
  • Brown recluse spiders share many of the same characteristics as the funnel weaver spider species
  • Arachnophobia is very common in the United States

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