Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs While Traveling

Do you consider yourself a “frequent traveler?” If so, did you ever consider the risk you take every time you enter another motel? It is unfortunate but frequent travelers are some of the most vulnerable people in the world. Now, is the perfect time to start minimizing your bed bug encounter risk. How is this possible? Well, you can start by learning more about SLEEP, an acronym utilized to help travelers stay safe on their journeys.

S – Survey

The letter “S” represents the term “survey.: What role does the survey term play in this process of avoiding bed bugs during extended travels? The term is described as thoroughly, actively, and carefully examining something to make a factual determination. When the survey is introduced to the agenda, it recommends assessing each motel room before bringing in your luggage. More bed bug sightings are reported at hotels, motels, inns, bed & breakfasts, and other temporary rental facilities by travelers and visitors. During the survey, access for a foul musty odor with a bit of sweetness, which is common for large bed bug infestations. If you do agree to stay at the hotel, you should follow-up with a body assessment prior to taking your exit the following morning. Look for signs of bed bug bites – red, raised spots with or without a pustule.

L – Lift Up And Look Carefully

The letter “L” represents two terms – lift and look. The terms explain themselves in this case. You simply need to lift items and look underneath them for signs of a bed bug infestation. You will need to repeat this step over and over again until every inch of the room has been assessed thoroughly. There are some areas that will need more focus than others. These include the mattress, art frames, box springs, pillows, furniture, clothes iron, and mini-refrigerator. It is also important to look behind loose wallpaper, baseboards, floorboards, door trim, carpet, and tile.

E – Elevate At Eye Level

The letter “E” represents the term elevate, the process of lifting an item up to a specific level. In this case, it would play in your favor to elevate items from ground level to eye level. For example, the luggage rack, raise it up to eye level, so you can assess without bending or leaning. If necessary, you can move the item to a nearby window for better lighting.

E – Examine Carefully

The letter “E” represents the term examine, which is pretty much the same thing as the survey. However, in this case, the examination will take place before you exit your motel room for the final time. If you detect signs that point to a bed bug infestation inside your luggage, do not hesitate to take advantage of the motel’s guest laundry. Opt for the maximum heat settings on both the dryer and washer for a full cycle each.

P – Place Appropriately

The letter “P” represents the term place. This step pretty much reiterates the previous step. Transport all suspicious clothing to the hotel’s guest laundry for a full wash and dry on the maximum heat setting.

Bed bug infestations can be very complex. If you heed the recommendations provided above, your bed bug encounter risks will remain extremely low while on the road. Unfortunately, it may not be possible to avoid all bed bug encounters. You must remember, these are no ordinary insects. Their unique deceptive behaviors to avoid human detection are strange indeed, but do not forget about light-night feedings. Yes, bed bugs feed at night when their hosts’ are sound asleep. To avoid detection in this case, the bed bug injects a secretion before penetrating its feeding tube into the host’s skin.

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