Tops Landmarks In Livonia, Michigan

In terms of America’s landmarks, the city of Livonia is often overlooked. Unfortunately, a lot of people have never thought about visiting this amazing city and they’re missing out. If you’re interested in traveling to one of America’s most gorgeous cities, you should plan a visit to this city. When doing so, you’ll be able to visit a handful of amazing tourist destinations and landmarks. Below, you’ll learn about some of the best landmarks in Livonia.

Greenmead Historic Park

First and foremost, you’ll want to travel to Newburgh Road so you can visit the Greenmead Historical Park. It is a good destination for families since there is something for everyone. All you have to do is drive to the park and you can hang out for the rest of the day. You can walk the beautiful garden or have a picnic on the grass. There are several picnic tables and historic buildings so this park will keep you busy for a few hours.

Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple

If you’re religious, you’ll love visiting Livonia’s Sri Shirdi Saibaba Temple. At the temple, the main deity is Saibaba. However, it is home to others, including Rama, Siva, and Parvathy. If you visit on Thursday, you can partake in one of the special Poojas. In many cases, you can obtain free food in the basement. Don’t hesitate to visit this landmark because the building is beautiful.

Maybury State Park

While you’re at it, you’ll want to stop by the Maybury State Park. It is one of Michigan’s most beautiful parks with more than 940 acres of rolling terrain. In addition to this, the park has beautiful meadows and mature forests. People from the metropolitan area nearby love visiting the park to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. The state park is located near Maybury Farm. When visiting this park, you’ll be able to enjoy many hiking and walking trails. Or, you can jump on your bike and enjoy the 6-mile trail. You could spend the entire day here and love every second of it.

Hines Park

If you have kids, you’ll want to visit Hines Park. The park has a lot of activities for young children, and it is great for adults as well. It is open late so you can check it out day and night. If you visit during Christmas, you’ll want to check out the park’s beautiful Christmas light decorations. Your family will enjoy their time here.